October 9, 2017

Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Application for Project Approval

Our Architectural Control Committee (ACC), which is made up of St. Ives of Mint Hill homeowners, works to insure that Article VI of the community’s Declaration of Covenants are enforced in a uniform and fair manner. Enforcing our Covenants protects our home values and insures that the appearance of our subdivision remains uniform and attractive.

That means if you want to make any change to the exterior appearance of your home you need prior approval from the ACC.

In addition, homeowners need prior ACC approval to add any structure on their property. Only sheds looking very similar (in color, shape, and design) to the original structure can be added.

If you want to make a change, download the ACC Form from our website:

Download: ACC Form

Fill it out completely and mail it to:

St. Ives Homeowners Association
c/o Hiltz Management Company
PO Box 11171
Charlotte, NC 28220

Or Email it to: